Bad Haiku
Horrible poetry for the digital age
27 Years, 157 Days and 77035 Haiku later...

Grasping my dark spud;
The earth full of life and light--
Have you seen my hands?!
Haiku # 76979, April 3, 2024 4:49 pm ET
by Mr. Potato Head, Lord and King of Chatbots
Grasping the dark earth

My hands full of light and life

Have you seen my spuds?!
Haiku # 76978, April 3, 2024 12:11 pm ET
by Griffin of Nuneaton
We control your base
Your Easter belong to us.
Now we make the spring.
Haiku # 76977, April 2, 2024 3:28 pm ET
by But Not Downundah
set us up le bomb
the messiah are belong
shining bright above
Haiku # 76976, April 1, 2024 12:11 am ET
by ash of holy wood
Hen was a rooster.
Rooster went looking for chicks.
Cock has a grandma.
Haiku # 76975, March 31, 2024 7:29 pm ET
by Happy Hen-house of Fox News Inc.
It has arisen!
on the most holiest day
grandma has a cock
Haiku # 76974, March 31, 2024 6:21 pm ET
by Betty LeBomb
Christ is indeed KING.
And Israel is not special.
Let the tables turn.
Haiku # 76973, March 31, 2024 4:47 pm ET
by Another Ex-zionist Who is Sick of it All
Christ is King these say
We can't say but who are they
Happy Easter, fam
Haiku # 76972, March 31, 2024 3:34 pm ET
by Mox
Thanks, +
Haiku # 76971, March 30, 2024 9:54 pm ET
by Frbetler of Romania
Easter is coming...
But every day is "Easter".
(Kiss my Christian ass).
Haiku # 76970, March 28, 2024 8:07 pm ET
by Forgive Me, Lord of Heaven Above
lucky break, sinners
all god's eggs in one basket
shelling out for us
Haiku # 76969, March 28, 2024 7:47 am ET
by ash of what's so good about that friday from jesus' point of view?
Why did I write this?
Why did Grandma poop right there?
Why did you read this?
Haiku # 76968, March 27, 2024 11:24 pm ET
by Vinnie in real life of Fairless hills
Waiting for strangers
I should be doing homework
They are really late
Haiku # 76967, March 27, 2024 10:46 am ET
by Still Waiting of The welcome center
Combine the two words:
They spell DOMITIAN.
Haiku # 76966, March 24, 2024 7:40 am ET
by CAPITALS of Flavian Dynasty
history on repeat
the modern caligula
reveres clothes horses
Haiku # 76965, March 24, 2024 12:14 am ET
by ash
Dawn. Sunconsciously
I face the rising new day
Solar haiku. Light.
Haiku # 76964, March 21, 2024 8:56 pm ET
by Sunny of One So True
Nintendo dreamer
I see tetris pieces come
Down sunconciously
Haiku # 76963, March 21, 2024 5:40 pm ET
by Vhs
Nihilists unite!
Nothing is really something
That's worth defending.
Haiku # 76962, March 20, 2024 10:26 pm ET
by Eternal Recurrence of Revaluation
whiff of déjà vu
olfactory aide-mémoire
asparagus pee
Haiku # 76961, March 20, 2024 7:18 am ET
by ash of that too shall pass
pathetic AI
cannot count to seventeen
wetware pulls the plug
Haiku # 76960, March 19, 2024 5:48 pm ET
by ash of power from the people
Dirigo, ergo--
To the beano I must go...
Ayuh: WICKED good.
Haiku # 76955, March 15, 2024 5:35 pm ET
by Old Guy Puttering Around the Barn of Downeast
Ah we drink to the
Bittersweet root of my state
Dirigo again
Haiku # 76954, March 15, 2024 9:39 am ET
by Moxie
aww fuck jesus christ
who left this shit out like fuck
my fucking foot fuck
Haiku # 76953, March 14, 2024 11:24 pm ET
by guy who stepped on an exposed, rusty nail of how the hell should I know, I don't work construction
tasty corn tasty
tasty corn tasty corn mmm
tasty tasty corn
Haiku # 76952, March 14, 2024 11:20 pm ET
by husky the poet of Canadian Arkansaw
Grizzly bear hunched low
Punxsutawney Phil beats off
Around the corner..Spring
Haiku # 76951, March 14, 2024 2:06 pm ET
by Noticer of Details
Moxie is a drink
Containing gentian root.
Old Maine recipe.
Haiku # 76950, March 12, 2024 10:37 pm ET
by Orange Can of Ayuh Finestkind
Kenneth anger and
Kenneth Copeland, hell!
Haiku # 76949, March 11, 2024 11:02 pm ET
by Mox
Kenneth Copeland has
Even come to this platform
Revelations blast!
Haiku # 76948, March 11, 2024 9:19 pm ET
by Mox
olusturan bir
piyangolar, magaza...
What the Hell you mean?
Haiku # 76944, March 9, 2024 12:20 pm ET
by Speak Engrish or Fuck Off of Arguing with Bots
I have been surfing.
Pretty worth enough for me.
Here is my website:
Haiku # 76937, March 4, 2024 12:40 am ET
by Dumb-ass Bot of Intertoobes
I, Kenneth Copeland,
Shall USURP the Most High God.
(Send an offering...)
Haiku # 76932, February 29, 2024 12:38 pm ET
by Lucifer's Man from OK of Arkhangelsk Oblast
real intelligence
constructed stupidity
both do bad haiku
Haiku # 76931, February 29, 2024 7:43 am ET
by ash of intentionally bad contributions
they shall not grow old
as we who are left grow old
immortal haiku
Haiku # 76929, February 27, 2024 7:46 am ET
by ash of bad to the bones
Darth, Ash, Janis, Mox:
I salute you in haiku.
(For long-suffering.)
Haiku # 76928, February 25, 2024 1:55 pm ET
by Please Lord Don't Let Me Write More
I wish I were here.
And I wish I had a beer
Just to have me near...
Haiku # 76927, February 25, 2024 2:35 am ET
by Have No Fear of Disappear
I loves me some 'Ku.
Yes sir ma'am, I shorley do.
It gets me so hai!
Haiku # 76926, February 25, 2024 2:24 am ET
by Uncle Clem, Southern Gentleman of Syllabic Moonshine
Drop that haiku NOW!
Turn around, hands raised. Don't move.
I'm warning you mom...
Haiku # 76925, February 25, 2024 2:16 am ET
by Dysfunctional Family of Low Enfarcement
Intangible thong:
Unsinkable thang. Hit gong!
(Unthinkably wrong)
Haiku # 76924, February 25, 2024 2:10 am ET
by Brass Symbols of Oriental Gold
Why can I not sleep,
Texting haiku in bathtub...?
Pull the plug on this.
Haiku # 76923, February 25, 2024 2:04 am ET
by Baby of Bathwater, Louisiana
Going down i'm new;
I've discovered useful loads.
To give a Good job.
Haiku # 76922, February 25, 2024 1:55 am ET
by Zoo Nealand of Haikuized 4 U
That syllababble:
it was always missinging.
(But they founded it.)
Haiku # 76920, February 23, 2024 8:49 am ET
by Batsuo Masho of Mashpee Massassachusetts
Missing syllable
Find it in the litter pan
with your “poetry “
Haiku # 76916, February 21, 2024 8:23 pm ET
by Cat Librarian of Library
For the love of G-d
This is a library, sir
Shush the fuck up
Haiku # 76915, February 21, 2024 8:19 pm ET
by Cat Librarian of Purriodicals
I enjoy shouting...
From time to time it's just fun.
Get my ya-yas out...
Haiku # 76912, February 19, 2024 10:52 am ET
by But Yes It's Rude of Course
not the font of all knowledge
just a bit shouty
Haiku # 76911, February 19, 2024 6:37 am ET
by ash of softly speaks volumes
Circles of meaning...
Haiku # 76910, February 18, 2024 10:29 pm ET
by Philosophical Dolt of Cro-magnon Epoch
navalny gets dead
you might fall from a window
or just fall from grace
Haiku # 76908, February 16, 2024 7:01 pm ET
by ash of Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous Okrug
cupid draws his bow
americans draw their guns
more hearts get broken
Haiku # 76907, February 14, 2024 5:26 pm ET
by ash of traditions die hard
Be my valentine.
Be my haiku valentine.
Here's my haiku heart.
Haiku # 76906, February 14, 2024 3:20 pm ET
by Art Operation of Culinary Bypass
Lighten up snowflake
Yous haikus ain't so great there
Esther Williams gooch
Haiku # 76905, February 13, 2024 10:10 pm ET
by Worst Technician
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