Bad Haiku
Horrible poetry for the digital age
27 Years, 255 Days and 77188 Haiku later...

penny on the ground
no one wants to pick you up,
you shine all alone.
Haiku # 76519, June 15, 2023 1:19 pm ET
by mundane of home
a bird chirps alone
echoes of its song unheard,
lonely in a tree.
Haiku # 76518, June 15, 2023 12:23 pm ET
by mundane of home
a pebble so small
glistening in the sunlight,
a happy heart swells.
Haiku # 76517, June 15, 2023 12:16 pm ET
by mundane of home
A blade of grass weeps
Bent and broken by the wind
Alone in a field
Haiku # 76516, June 15, 2023 12:11 pm ET
by mundane of Home
it's just like buses
for ages there isn't one
then lots come at once
Haiku # 76515, June 15, 2023 9:12 am ET
by ash of cosmopolitan poetry transport services
I'm so very sad.
No haiku here recently.
What happened to you?
Haiku # 76514, June 11, 2023 5:29 pm ET
by Haiku Hiatus of SQUEEET
Tremble before me,
Mere feeble worldlings of earth--
ALL haiku is MINE.
Haiku # 76513, June 5, 2023 5:30 pm ET
by OK Mom, I'll be Down in a Minute of Dinnertime
Ai yoost feenish eet:
Mai (jau do yu say?) exam.
Nau, I yam hoppy!
Haiku # 76512, June 5, 2023 5:26 pm ET
by Bill Gates' Mexican Gardener Pepe of Microsoft Inc.
Lordy Uncle Clem,
Ah done gambled it away:
yore funeral fund.
Haiku # 76511, June 5, 2023 5:18 pm ET
by Sepulchral Tragedy of Great Smoky Mountains, Tennessee
Against all the odds,
You can understand this phrase.
Spanish: "Casi no."
Haiku # 76510, June 5, 2023 5:14 pm ET
by Don Rigoberto Lopez de Fanfaroneado y Fulano of Bronx, NY
ah, online gambling
endless opportunity
for disappointment
Haiku # 76508, June 4, 2023 9:50 am ET
by ash of course you can't beat the house
and what of white dwarfs
do the need to be renamed
will they be short changed
Haiku # 76506, June 4, 2023 5:28 am ET
by ash of twinkle twinkle
And astrophysics...
Is that science racist too?
Do Black Holes matter?
Haiku # 76505, June 3, 2023 12:07 pm ET
by St. Michael Brown of Beyond our Galaxy
well strike me lucky
i've got a gcash boner
blowing wads of cash
Haiku # 76504, June 3, 2023 10:39 am ET
by ash of hot slots to trot
speaking of white cells
do B cells feel second rate ?
who are the A team ?

you have to wonder
perhaps there's mister T cells
who pity the fool
Haiku # 76502, June 3, 2023 9:45 am ET
by ash of black cells count
Those white leukocytes:
They attack the invaders.
(Science so racist.)
Haiku # 76501, June 2, 2023 5:06 pm ET
by Macrophage of Lymphatica
Balut is messy
Seventeen stains on the shroud
Messy syllables
Haiku # 76500, June 2, 2023 12:42 pm ET
by Haiku Janitor of Service with a vertical smile
that darth figpucker
messier not messiah
just about nails it
Haiku # 76499, June 2, 2023 2:59 am ET
by ash of cross training will make us fit for purpose
He left for all of your sins
He left to buy cheese
Haiku # 76498, June 1, 2023 6:03 pm ET
by Go FIGure of Philippines
Twenty four seven
We all await the return
Jesus Figpucker!
Haiku # 76497, June 1, 2023 10:24 am ET
by Noticer of shroud avec stains of Balut eggs
Zen haiku trashcan.
Paused to throw out an image
And kill the Buddha.
Haiku # 76496, May 31, 2023 5:22 pm ET
by Some Old Asian Guy of Haikurama
we have chemistry
cis-trans isomers be damned
kiss my carbon ring
Haiku # 76495, May 31, 2023 6:16 am ET
by ash of cyclohexane crack addiction
I am quite focused.
The others are less focused.
Haiku might help here.
Haiku # 76494, May 29, 2023 2:30 pm ET
by Noticer of Holidays
It's "Memorial Day".
Not so sure what it's about...
Past CIA wars?
Haiku # 76493, May 29, 2023 2:28 pm ET
by Allen Dulles of Burning in Hell
feeble myopics
are seventeen syllables
too long to focus ?
Haiku # 76492, May 29, 2023 10:03 am ET
by ash of refractory reflections
Hey Darth...where are you?
Are you still in Phillipines
Or did they off you?
Haiku # 76491, May 25, 2023 8:08 pm ET
by Noticer of Absences
So THAT'S your punchline?
"kms pico download" ?
Damn, you are boring.
Haiku # 76490, May 25, 2023 7:54 pm ET
by War on Bots of Until We Win
kms pico download
Haiku # 76489, May 24, 2023 8:17 pm ET
by Sara
Online learning: dull.
Guaranteed soporific.
Need a stimulant...
Haiku # 76488, May 24, 2023 5:32 pm ET
charles has a new hat
the empire is receding
just like the heir's hair
Haiku # 76487, May 24, 2023 3:53 am ET
by ash
We are everywhere.
We mow our lawns, and pull weeds.
We will not be stopped.
Haiku # 76486, May 21, 2023 8:35 pm ET
by Umbundu Mbanga of I Love My White Culture
middle aged white men
with diminished privilege
are still everywhere
Haiku # 76485, May 21, 2023 5:39 am ET
by ash of just can't get rid of us
it's too fucking cold
i guess it's almost winter
and that's a haiku
Haiku # 76484, May 21, 2023 5:06 am ET
by ash of antipodean locations
Ian of Russia
Is not even a fake bot.
He's just some numbers.
Haiku # 76483, May 20, 2023 9:23 am ET
by Let the Numbers Roll
Haiku # 76482, May 19, 2023 6:52 pm ET
by Ian of Russia
Speaking of Burroughs,
I misspelled his holy name.
Forgive me, Lord God.
Haiku # 76481, May 19, 2023 6:30 pm ET
by Naked Lunch of Tangiers
Speaking of Borroughs:
They found that William Tell hole
In Mexican wall.
Haiku # 76480, May 19, 2023 7:48 am ET
by Misses Apple of Wm. Tell
My weakness: I want
to get lit and then stay lit
like fine tobacco...
Haiku # 76479, May 19, 2023 7:44 am ET
by Fire in the Hole of Steely Dan
Darth has been silent.
Interpol got him at last
For all that haiku?
Haiku # 76478, May 18, 2023 9:46 am ET
by Les Tres Riches Heures of Pickfugger
The next pandemic:
Imposed on sheeple.
Haiku # 76477, May 18, 2023 6:11 am ET
by Bill and Melinda Gates of Unhinged
it supplies the fire
for steaming steely dan III
from yokohama
Haiku # 76476, May 18, 2023 4:38 am ET
by ash of something about burroughing
Is that where Bruce Lee
Got the inspiration for
"Enter the Dragon"?
Haiku # 76475, May 17, 2023 6:30 pm ET
by Gong Clash of Other Way Round
play with that search bar
but careful what you enter
looking for haiku
Haiku # 76474, May 17, 2023 9:08 am ET
by ash of fire down below
My headlights grew cold
Black in the night confused deer
Got out of the way
Haiku # 76473, May 16, 2023 10:32 pm ET
by Mox
haiku carries on
such poetry in motion
goes from bard to verse
Haiku # 76471, May 15, 2023 7:23 am ET
by ash of dad jokes from a groan man
Verse is in crisis.
Identity-mongers rule.
Time will sift them out.
Haiku # 76470, May 13, 2023 11:06 am ET
by John Dryden of The Restoration 1660
You know cats know we
Are their subjects, and so we
Bow before kings, queens
Haiku # 76469, May 11, 2023 11:30 pm ET
by Vhs
Cats work very hard.
They sleep, they eat and they prowl.
After that they sleep.
Haiku # 76468, May 11, 2023 5:56 am ET
by Fur of Fanged Yawn
the sun is setting
and lo, yon cat doth beckon
screaming for num nums
Haiku # 76467, May 11, 2023 5:32 am ET
by ash of feline feeding frenzy
Time keeps on ticking.
My solution to all this:
"Fly like an Eagle".
Haiku # 76466, May 10, 2023 9:23 am ET
by St. Miller of Into the FUUTUUUUURE
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